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A Premium Experience

We are sure to optimize every game to its target platform. Our discipline ensures a stable code base, our innovative techniques provide great performance, and our next-get tech implementations take your game to the next level.

  • We update mechanics to match the contemporary design landscape and to be attractive to your target audience

  • Our suite of visual optimization techniques combined with updating assets ensures any game looks as good as possible


We base our cross-platform ports and feature integrations on the Unity Engine.


Our innovative integration allows us to retrofit SDR games to be displayed in higher dynamic range.


Cross-compatible fully modular haptic, scent, and lighting effects.


Full support for Xbox Series, Playstation 5, and Nintendo Switch.

Meet the team

Den of Thieves is a constantly evolving operation. Our current team consists of:


Technical Lead / CEO

Vasil Kichev

Production Lead / COO

Jeffrey Oldewening


Anzhelo Enev

Game Designer

Zuhra Fuad

UX Designer